Monday, June 9, 2008

Send Us Your Fobbie Joke

While I was attending the National Stationary Show my friends back home decided to entertain me through text messaging.
They had me in stitches coming up with Fobbie jokes. Other friends said I should post them, and encourage others to submit their own. Here's what they came up with: What did one Fobbie say to the other Fobbie at the bar? Let's tie one on! What's the Fobbie's favorite movie? A ribbon runs through it!

So the challenge is on! Send us your Fobbie joke.

1 comment:

yooperdoc65 said...

a fobbie sits down to wrap a present. dang, she discovers she is out of the precise colored ribbon she is wanting. so. where does she go to pick up ribbon?

duh.... the fobbie lobby

at the inaugural event to reign in president elect barack obama, fobbie, national stationery award winner was asked to open the forum. panicked and slightly unprepared for the task, fob blurted out:

fobbie or not fobbie...
what was the question?

what does an angry fobbie call another fobbie? an eF O B

why did the fobbie go to the chiropractor? to get her rib-bon adjusted

why did the fobbie wait 'til very late Christmas Eve to do all her wrapping? because she knew it would be a cinch!

that's it... Enjoy!