Monday, June 9, 2008

Send Us Your Fobbie Joke

While I was attending the National Stationary Show my friends back home decided to entertain me through text messaging.
They had me in stitches coming up with Fobbie jokes. Other friends said I should post them, and encourage others to submit their own. Here's what they came up with: What did one Fobbie say to the other Fobbie at the bar? Let's tie one on! What's the Fobbie's favorite movie? A ribbon runs through it!

So the challenge is on! Send us your Fobbie joke.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ways to Use the Fobbie® as Wedding Decor

When I was at the National Stationary Show a great website called came to visit. Get Married is on Lifetime television, Monday through Friday. We discussed ways you could use the Fobbie® to decorate your wedding. I had so many ideas that I had to create a bunch of alternative uses. I came up with using them as napkin wraps, table numbers, chair and favor wraps, centerpieces and of course gift wrapping. Check out the Fobbie® inspiration page for more pictures.