Thursday, October 11, 2007

My happiest moment of the day. . .

If any of you have read, Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, you know what a great and inspirational writer she is. I recently watched her on the Oprah show. One of things she had to say that touched and inspired me, was about keeping a journal of your "happiest moment of the day". Every day at the end of the day you write down what your happiest moment was, and it can be the simplest thing.

Today for me, was being able to contribute to an entrepreneur on The site helps entrepreneurs in developing countries secure micro-loans. Anyone can contribute. It was the first contribution from the "fobbie fund". Even though it was small, I look forward to being able to contribute on a regular basis.

The entrepreneur we're helping is Soliev Solijon from Khujand, Tajikistan.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Beautiful Beaded Pin on a Fobbie

My friend Amy Clarke Moore is an incredible bead artist. She has the most amazing process of taking a picture and using it as a pattern and beading it. It's a spiral beading process and looks so much like picture it's hard to believe she can really do it. She sent me this picture of a heart pin she did as a gift for a friend. You can check out her website at: or visit her blog at: to look at more of her great artwork.

The Fobbie in PieceWork Magazine

I had the good fortune to have the fobbie be included in the November/ December 2007 issue of PieceWork magazine, and they were nice enough to let me use the image they took.

In their "Findings" department, Mary Polityka Bush used picture frame fobbies with an embroidered handkerchief, a sachet, a doily and some crocheted lace she found in antique stores. I think they came out really nice. I guess I'll be scouring the antique stores a little more closely now to find my own "found" objects to use. For more information about PieceWork magazine, you can visit their website at: